AI that serves science, citizens, and society

ai@cam is the University of Cambridge’s mission to drive a new wave of AI innovation that delivers public value

Announcing AI-deas: AI that delivers public benefit

New Cambridge University AI challenges will deliver game-changing AI innovations that benefit science and society.

About ai@cam

ai@cam is the University of Cambridge’s flagship AI mission. Drawing from Cambridge’s world-leading research capabilities, it will drive the development of AI technologies that serve science, citizens, and society. Through research, teaching, and engagement across industry, policy, and civil society, ai@cam will create an infrastructure for interdisciplinary innovation that delivers public value.

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What we do

ai@cam is building an infrastructure for interdisciplinary innovation that serves science and society through research, education, and innovation programmes that leverage world-leading research from across the University and connect this to real-world needs.

Driving challenge-led AI innovation

Challenge-led research initiatives from ai@cam will work to galvanise the research community in support of national priorities, bringing in people, partnerships, and approaches that help build capacity in a critical area of need.

Bridging from research to policy

ai@cam will provide a forum for convening policymakers and researchers, identifying areas of policy need, and rapidly spinning-up collaborative projects to help deliver on that need.

Building an AI innovation hub

Drawing on Cambridge’s strong history of innovation, ai@cam will build a hub brings together collaborators from different disciplines or sectors in an environment that encourages knowledge translation, while also connecting to social needs.