Research from the University of Cambridge is accelerating progress in AI’s core technical capabilities, enabling the application of AI technologies across sectors and disciplines, and building understandings of their impact and the levers to promote their ethical development.

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How sure is sure? Incorporating human error into machine learning

Researchers are developing a way to incorporate one of the most human of characteristics – uncertainty – into machine learning systems.

Is Data Justice key to Climate Justice?

Biased artificial intelligence needs human help to avoid harmful climate action, Cambridge researchers say.

Machine learning models can produce reliable results even with limited training data

Researchers have determined how to build reliable machine learning models that can understand complex equations in real-world situations while using far less training data than is normally expected.

AI-driven techniques reveal new targets for drug discovery

Researchers have developed a method to identify new targets for human disease, including neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Scientists begin building AI for scientific discovery using tech behind ChatGPT

An international team of scientists, including from the University of Cambridge, have launched a new research collaboration that will leverage the same technology behind ChatGPT to build an AI-powered tool for scientific discovery.

UK needs AI legislation to create trust so companies can ‘plug AI into British economy’

Legislating for AI safety and transparency will allow British industry and education to put resources into AI development with confidence, argue researchers.

Cambridge and Google partner to facilitate AI research

The University of Cambridge and Google are building on their long-standing partnership with a multi-year research collaboration agreement and a Google grant for the University’s new Centre for Human-Inspired AI to support progress in responsible AI that is inspired by and benefits people.

Research community

Cambridge University hosts a vibrant community of over 12,000 staff across over 150 Departments. Researchers across disciplines are engaged in developing, deploying, and understanding the impact of AI technologies. Find out more about members of our AI research community here.

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