Our vision

ai@cam’s mission is to drive a new wave of AI innovation that serves science, citizens, and society.

The University of Cambridge is home to a dynamic AI community, pursuing high-quality interdisciplinary collaborations that take AI from the lab to areas of need.

Progress in AI research and innovation can provide tools to help tackle the complex challenges society faces – in economic growth, health and social care, environment and wellbeing, and more. To deliver on this promise, AI research and development needs to connect to public interests, concerns, and areas of need.

ai@cam is building an infrastructure for interdisciplinary AI innovation through research, education, and innovation programmes that leverage the world-leading research already taking place across the University and connecting this to real-world needs.

AI to tackle grand challenges

ai@cam is working with researchers across the University to develop ambitious research programmes deploying AI in areas of social and scientific need.

Introducing ai@cam

AI@Cam is a flagship mission that will support the University in delivering its vision for world-leading AI research, innovative AI education, and collaborations that translate AI research to real-world benefits for business, civil society, and policy.

ai@cam Policy Lab

ai@cam’s Policy Lab connects Cambridge’s interdisciplinary AI expertise to national and international conversations about AI governance and use.