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Informing national and international dialogues about the future of AI

Access to trustworthy information and insights to inform public conversations and policy debates about AI is more important than ever.

As policymakers around the world grapple with questions about the future of AI, evidence and advice about its progress, use, and impact is vital. ai@cam’s PolicyLab provides a forum for bringing together researchers and policymakers to generate high-quality insights to inform public and policy debates. Bridging research, policy, and practice, and drawing from the University’s expertise across disciplines, it will convene expertise that helps build a well-founded public conversation about AI.


Responsible AI for better lifelong brain and mental health

This project will use the latest advances in AI to better understand brain health and disease. It will explore the environmental, social and neurological factors at play, to develop responsible AI-driven tools that help clinicians predict, diagnose and treat brain diseases and mental health disorders.

AI for climate and nature

This work will provide up to date, relevant and robust information for researchers and decision-makers working on climate and biodiversity conservation – opening up the possibility for more targeted and effective solutions to some of our world’s most pressing climate and biodiversity challenges.

Decision-making with AI in connected places and cities

This project aims to investigate how local authorities in England are using AI to make decisions about issues such as placemaking, land use and mobility, and sustainable water supply systems to create public value

Improving language equity and inclusion through AI

This project aims to develop new AI methods to understand and address these challenges to improve equity and inclusion. It will develop new ways to support people with language and communication difficulties.

Generative AI policy brief

The rapid rollout of generative AI models, and public attention to Open AI’s ChatGPT, has raised concerns about AI’s impact on the economy and society. Which path should the UK take to build national capability for generative AI?

ai@cam at the AI Fringe

Collaborations with the Accelerate Programme for Scientific Discovery, Kavli Centre for Ethics, Science and the Public, and Connected by Data are bridging between AI research, public dialogue, and policy development.

Revolutionising women’s health, female fertility and early infant neurodevelopment using AI

This project aims to develop cheaper, less invasive and more accurate AI-assisted tests that can be used throughout the conception to childhood journey. These tests will be used to enhance and personalise fertility outcomes, and support the transition to parenting. This research will play a key part in improving fertility and women's health outcomes and shed light on the still largely unknown cellular, molecular and genetic mechanisms governing the development of life.

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